Science in the crucible.

Edelweiss® skin care products were developed by Dr. Jutta Knauer using patented technologies from award-winning scientists. The innovative formulas combine natural and allergen-free ingredients with the latest scientifically based technologies. This allows them to develop their maximum effect in the deeper layers of the skin. The result is a dermatologically based skin care system with an effectiveness that has been proven in numerous studies.


In-depth expertise for
revolutionary formulas.

For more than 20 years Dr. Jutta Knauer has been developing the most innovative formulas for the world’s most sophisticated skin care systems based on her vast knowledge of pharmacology, chemistry and physiology of the skin. Particularly renowned doctors benefit from her outstanding expertise, thanks to the revolutionary anti-aging product lines that she has developed and created for them. These have been successfully classified as exclusive luxury brands and niche products in the cosmetics industry. We would be glad to also assist you in the development of your own individual cosmetic formulas.

Individual product development

You care for high demands. Edelweiss® cares for your skin.

Edelweiss® gives your skin back what it is losing more than ever in today’s world: tone, elasticity, volume and an incomparably beautiful feeling. Highly effective ingredients, selected according to the latest scientific findings and encapsulated in carrier systems, support the skin’s metabolism, moisturize your skin and let your face radiate. The products are suitable for all skin types – from very dry, dry and rather impure to oily – and for both young and mature skin. Admire the result in the mirror: Your complexion is radiantly fresh and smooth.

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3 innovative

highly effective
active ingredients

extensive product

developed by doctors
and scientists

awarded with
4 cosmetic oscars

Decades of experience.
In-depth knowledge.

After many years of experience as a doctor with skin patients and after decades of working as a CEO of her own pharmaceutical company, Dr. Jutta Knauer has succeeded in developing a highly effective and compatible care concept for maintaining healthy skin.

Thus, an innovative care concept was created, which combines the most modern technologies with the highest effectivity of the ingredients, without crossing the boundaries into medicine.

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