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Edelweiss® cosmetics – Made in Germany

Edelweiss® was developed by Dr. med. Jutta Knauer from Regensburg and pharmaceutical scientists at the Free University of Berlin according to the latest dermatological findings and adapted to the natural biochemical processes of the human skin. The care products are suitable for a wide range of skin types and for both young and mature skin.

Basic Pure Cleanser and Toner

Cleansing and care
in one step

Mild, oil-free facial toner with nourishing edelweiss extract. Cleanses the skin gently and thoroughly without drying it out. Promotes cell regeneration with the help of provitamin B5. Also ideal for removing waterproof make-up and eye make-up. No added fragrance or artificial colours, therefore particularly suitable for sensitive skin.

  • – Regenerates cells
  • – Regulates lipids
  • – Removes free radicals
  • – Based on edelweiss activity

Pearly Foamer

Cleanses gently and down to the pores

Mild oil-free cleansing foam. Cleanses the skin gently and thoroughly without drying it out, while promoting cell regeneration with the help of provitamin B5. Also ideal for removing waterproof make-up. Allantoin counteracts skin irritations and inflammations, therefore especially suitable for the daily cleansing of sensitive and also impure skin.

  • – Regenerates cells
  • – Regulates lipids
  • – Removes free radicals
  • – Reduces skin irritations

Deep Hydration Face Fluid

Anti-aging moisturizer with liposome technology

Anti-aging fluid for intensive moisture with a long-lasting effect. Nourishes and regenerates the face and neck area with microencapsulated essential lipids, which makes the skin feel light and fresh. Hyaluronic acid and edelweiss extract delay age-related skin changes. Wrinkles are noticeably minimized. The perfect foundation for your make-up.

  • – Accelerates collagen synthesis
  • – Effective & long-lasting moisturization
  • – Regulates the hydro-lipid balance
  • – Minimizes skin wrinkles
  • – Immediate firming effect
  • – Antioxidative

Edelweiss® extract has a strong anti-aging effect

Wrinkle Fighter Eye Lift Fluid

Intensive care for your eyes with SmartCrystals® and liposome technology

Nourishing intensive fluid with SmartCrystals® technology and peptide-loaded liposomes. Quickly and sustainably reduces shadows and wrinkles around the eyes. Repairs cell damage, regenerates the skin’s hydro-lipid balance. Visibly tighter contours after about 30 days when used twice a day.

  • – Relaxes the facial muscles
  • – Minimizes puffy eyes
  • – Reduces dark circles
  • – Long-lasting wrinkle reduction

Deluxe Repair Q10 Face Cream

Nurture & Energy Regenerator with Q10 SmartLipids®

Firming anti-aging cream with Q10 lipid beads. The unique formula consisting of precious oils, ceramides and phosphatidylcholine regenerates the skin, makes it supple and increases its tone – for a complexion that does not reveal your age.

  • – Unique “anti-aging” formula
  • – Neutralizes free radicals
  • – Stabilizes skin elasticity
  • – Renews skin structure
  • – No added preservatives

Add On Cream Hyperrich Vitamin

Rich vitamin cream

Rich vitamin cream with no added fragrances or preservatives as a supplement to Edelweiss® Deluxe Repair Q10 Face Cream, especially for dry to very dry skin. A special concentrate of high-quality vitamins A, B, C and E slows down the natural aging of the skin, regenerates and renews the skin cells. Valuable vegetable oils supply unsaturated fatty acids and provide your skin with important lipids. Natural moisturizers protect the skin cells from drying out, reduce wrinkles and promote the regeneration of a new skin structure.

  • – Slows down natural skin aging
  • – Regenerates and renews skin cells
  • – Supplies important lipids
  • – Natural moisturizer
  • – Also ideal as a night cream

High quality vitamins
regenerate the skin cells

Eye Recovery Care Cream

Intensive care for the sensitive eye area

Edelweiss® Eye Recovery Care Cream is a gentle intensive care for the sensitive eye area. Natural ingredients, such as magnolia extract, avocado oil, pearl extract, jojoba oil and shea butter, protect against oxidative stress and provide valuable vitamins. High-quality lipids care for, nourish and maintain the hydro-lipid balance. Dryness-related wrinkles are reduced and lines refined. For a radiant look. Suitable for all skin types.

  • – Reduces wrinkles and lines
  • – Cares for sensitive skin
  • – For radiant eyes
  • – Smooths out lines

Hyper Relax Vitamin Mask

Intensive vitamin mask

Edelweiss® Hyper Relax Vitamin Mask is a concentrated and highly effective vitamin facial mask. It repairs and regenerates stressed skin immediately after use. It tightens the skin, reduces wrinkles and minimizes enlarged pores. Unsaturated fatty acids provide the skin with nutrients and improve its structure.

  • – Repairs and regenerates stressed skin
  • – Firming and stabilizing effect
  • – Reduces wrinkles
  • – Reduces enlarged pores

Wild Ocean Enzyme Catalyzing Peeling

Mild facial peeling cream

Edelweiss® Wild Ocean Enzyme Catalyzing Peeling is a mild and natural facial peeling. Due to the unique combination of active ingredients, such as pineapple extract and natural microplankton granules, the skin is deeply cleansed and supplied with rejuvenating active ingredients. Soothes the skin and acts anti-inflammatory.

  • – Peeling with fine microplankton
  • – Suitable for all skin types, especially for impure skin
  • – No added fragrances or artificial colours
  • – Soothing and anti-inflammatory active substances

Firm and Care Body Balm

Full body intensive care with Q10 SmartLipids®.

Edelweiss® Firm and Care Body Balm is a firming and soothing energy booster for your body. The composition of Q10 SmartLipids®, phosphatidylcholine and antioxidants regenerates the skin and also moisturizes it. Key ingredients: Coenzyme Q10 (Ubiquinone), a natural substance produced by the body and embedded in Smart-Lipids®, is highly effective against UV-induced damage of the skin. It promotes skin regeneration and stabilizes its elasticity. The balm is absorbed quickly into the skin.

  • – Regenerates the skin
  • – Improves the moisture retention capacity
  • – Reduces wrinkles
  • – Soothing and anti-irritant effect
  • – Leaves skin feeling velvety soft
  • – Tightens the body skin

Pearl powder
brightens the skin

Whitening Pearl Day Gel

Light whitening essence with vitamin C SmartCrystals®

Light whitening essence with vitamin C SmartCrystals®, pearl extract and herbal ingredients. Inhibits tyrosinase in the skin, thereby lightening the skin tone and pigmentation, leaving the skin looking youthful and glowing. Particularly suitable for oily skin and skin that is prone to impurities.

  • – Vitamin C SmartCrystals®
  • – Natural, herbal ingredients
  • – Inhibits tyrosinase
  • – Reduces free radicals

Whitening Pearl Day Cream

Whitening and anti-aging effect with SmartCrystals® technology.

The valuable and micro-fine pearl extract acts as a physical photoprotective filter and prevents your skin from environmental influences and UV damage. Natural plant extracts and vitamin C SmartCrystals® inhibit the formation of melanin. The result is a clear, radiant and fresh complexion.

  • – Protective pearl extract
  • – Reduces fine lines
  • – Improves complexion
  • – Reduces pigmentation disorders

Whitening Pearl Night Cream

Natural, whitening active ingredients with SmartCrystals® technology

The highly effective formula of the Whitening Pearl Night Cream provides the skin with valuable active ingredients – especially with vitamin A -, which rejuvenate and regenerate your skin. Hyaluronic acid moisturizes and tightens. During the night, plant oils and unsaturated fatty acids supply the skin with vitamins and nutrients, and improve the skin’s appearance while you sleep. For a radiant complexion.

  • – Lightens pigmentation disorders
  • – Firms the skin
  • – Vitamin A and vitamin C SmartCrystals®
  • – Effective rejuvenation
  • – Regenerates the skin while you sleep

Edelweiss® Gift Set

Naturally Edelweiss®

The comprehensive gift set from Edelweiss® is not only beautiful to look at, but also includes a complete skincare line for every skin type. Contains: Edelweiss® Basic Pure Cleansing Water, Deep Hydration Face Fluid, Deluxe Repair Q 10 Face Cream and Wrinkle Fighter Eye Lift Fluid. For both women and men.

  • – Exclusive packaging
  • – Innovative care series
  • – Scientifically proven active ingredient concepts
  • – Perfect gift

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