Learn about our 3 patented innovative technologies that turn our products into high-tech skin care at its best.




High-tech care for best results.

The scientific technologies are the base of the high efficacy of Edelweiss® skin care products. They are used to increase the penetration and bioactivity of the ingredients within the skin and ensure longer lasting stability and efficiency of the formulas. The scientists responsible for the development of these technologies have already been awarded numerous prizes.


A technology that gets under the skin: Phosphatidylcholine liposomes.

Liposomes are small hollow spheres filled with active substances. Edelweiss® cosmetics uses unilamellar (single-layer) liposomes, which are produced in a patented high-tech process. Each liposome has the same size.

The used phosphatidylcholine consists of essential fatty acids and is a natural component of our cells. Our liposomes are so small that they can penetrate through the intercellular spaces of skin cells. Water and active ingredients inside the liposomes are transported particularly deep into the skin, which greatly increases the effectivity. The active concentrates are not only deposited on the upper skin layer but can actively unfold their superior effect from the inside and outside. Liposomes significantly improve the skin structure, refine the skin texture, increase skin hydration and activate the cell repair mechanism.

With each application, trillions of liposomes enter the skin.


Get the most out of the active ingredients: SmartLipids®

Edelweiss® cosmetics use Q10 of the highest quality and in its purest form. As “transdermal carriers”, SmartLipids® channel Q10 and many other active ingredients into deep layers of the skin. Thus, this intensively rejuvenating agent can develop its full effect. As a result, Q10 is more stable and more effective than in conventional formulas as the special technology protects the anti-aging substance from light and oxygen.

The sophisticated manufacturing process enables permanent diffusion of the protected active ingredient. Due to this special mode of packaging the active agents form a thin breathable film on the skin, which results in a prolonged release of the active ingredients and, moreover, it restores the naturally protective skin barrier.


Small crystals, large effect: SmartCrystals®.

SmartCrystals® technology is the most advanced method of increasing the efficiency of a substance. By being reduced to microfine dimensions, ingredients can pass the skin barrier more easily and thus considerably improve cell regeneration.

This technique allows us to make use of natural plant extracts, which usually cannot be used in formulas as they are insoluble (e.g. natural rutin in Edelweiss® Wrinkle Fighter Eye Lift Fluid).

While we can constantly learn from nature, it already supplies us with valuable ingredients: Rutin is a natural pigment produced by certain plants to protect against UV radiation. It is one of the most powerful natural antioxidants with UV-protection. By being reduced to this microfine dimension, rutin is able to pass through the intercellular skin gaps and penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. There, it specifically protects, repairs, regenerates and activates the skin for long lasting rejuvenation.

The secret of naturally
beautiful skin

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